Hey there! My name is Justin Hastings and welcome to Two Minute Stories, my playground for writing and experimenting. Years ago, I was introduced to the power of poetry and prose, which became a creative writing minor, an interest in blogging, and an eventual attempt at screenwriting. Needless to say, I find writing incredibly satisfying as a creative outlet.

This project sprung to reality when I heard about the Anchor app, a platform for posting short audio clips of no more than two minutes. The constraint helped me better gather my thoughts… rather than aiming for a long-form script, I could explore several ideas within a short time frame. Thus, Two Minute Stories was born. The goal is to share many ideas knowing that one or more may eventually become its own formal short story, novel, or screenplay.

You can find my stories on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Simplecast. Thanks for listening!


Sometimes, the need to express an idea takes longer than two minutes. In those cases, I’ll lean on multiple episodes with a ongoing story or theme.

  • Absolutely Nothing
    This anthology series follows six former servicewomen navigating a world where war is outlawed.
  • The Only Child
    This miniseries follows a family of three negotiating the day-to-day life of parenting, childhood, and the unknown.
  • The Masters
    This miniseries explores the fictitious annual Quail Valley Spelling Bee which boasts a unique set of rules.